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Making fresh pasta is easy. Especially if you have a pasta machine. You could roll it out by hand too.So I had this idea to make a dark colored pasta. I have made lighter colored pasta before but this case called for a black or dark brown color. I had no squid ink available, it also sometimes has an inky flavour so I did not want to make a batch of that. True story, when I was in kindergarten, I had to sit next to the kid that ate his crayons so I could rat him out to the teacher when he chewed on a crayon. The glue-eater sat behind me. But anyway, I didn't want to use food coloring and I had some Gravy Master which I thought was a more natural way to darken food, in retrospect, I don't really want to know how they make that stuff.You will need:A cup or two of all purpose flour, you can try various varieties depending on tasteA few eggs, use 1 and 1/2 eggs per cup of floursome oilsaltFor the filling:You can make anything you like, meat or vegetarian or mixI used ground turkey to keep with the fowl theme. Actually, bats are mammals that fly.Traditional fillings are pork sausage or beef, cheese, spinach and cheeseGrated parmesan or ricotta cheeseUsual spices to flavor the filling like oregano, garlic powder, salt, pepperbread crumbs

download black knight batch

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The YOLO TXT format is not especially intuitive without an example. Every image has a corresponding text file with its annotation location. The above text file corresponds to the below image. The text file indicates the class ID (in this case, black-knight happens to be class 3), and the relative location of the bounding box's center (x,y) and size (width, height). The numeric values are relative to the images' size and distance from an upper left (0,0) origin (i.e. the bottom right hand pixel location is (1,1) and everything in between will be a value between (0-1).


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