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About The Glitter Practitioner

Dr Nupi Arora is a General Practitioner (Family Physician) in the UK, with a career

in medicine spanning over 2 decades. For the most she has been based in an inner-city practice & has held specialist lead roles in Deprivation Medicine, Trauma Informed Care, Child Safeguarding and Domestic abuse. She is also a Spiritual & Transformation Life Coach, Author, Public Speaker, and a host both live stream and a talk show. She energizes those around her with her contagious enthusiasm, zest for life and authentic nature. She is passionate about delivering whole person-centered care to her patients & clients, advocating a root cause approach to health that delves beyond the presenting problem, taking into account the whole person in context of their daily lives, their backstory and their experience of what it is to be human - a compassionate & inclusive approach which fosters hope, healing & transformation.

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Find your Fizz and Flourish. You deserve nothing less.

Dr. Nupi Arora


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